Own Mind Counselling Confidentiality


I am bound by my ethical standards to maintain client confidentiality however in rare cases I would also be bound to limits of confidentiality if I became aware of certain risks:

  • That you are in danger of harming yourself or another person
  • I become aware of abuse or neglect of a child or dependent adult
  • I am subpoenaed for testimony in a court of law and required to disclose confidential information from my files.

Although it is very rare for the above circumstances to occur in private practice, it is important for clients to understand the limits of confidentiality.  Since your privacy is very important to me, your personal information will be stored in a secure location and will not include information about counselling sessions.  I cannot guarantee confidentiality via email therefore I recommend email is used only for booking appointments.


Joanne Onerheim, MA, RCC

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