Addiction Therapy & Counselling in Vancouver, BC

Addiction is a complex mental health issue and varies with each individual.  I like to do a thorough assessment to understand the roots of the addictive disorder whether it’s substances, shopping, food or internet addiction: What are you medicating?  For some it may be numbing difficult emotions like grief and loss or disconnection from self.  For others, it may be an attempt to dissolve an overly critical voice and social anxiety. For others, what began as fun and “partying” has become an out-of-control obsession that has led to the destruction of relationships and health.  I do not believe in one-size-fits all addiction treatment protocol.  Abstinence in some cases may be the only solution but often understanding the roots of the addictive disorder and a harm reduction model are the best approach.

The inner revolution will not be televised or sold on the Internet.  It must take place within one’s own mind and heart.  Noah Levine